As a standard, we offer to our clients several types of financing under very interesting conditions.

Most common is the classical state supported export credit (insured by Export Credit Agency / „ECA“). ECA covers export buyer´s credit up to 85 % of the contract value . At least 15 % of the contract value shall be paid to the supplier in advance.

The total amount of financing will be specified in response to the outcome of forthcoming negotiations of the subject and scope of delivery between potential contract parties. Availability period is up to 3 years commencing upon satisfaction of the conditions precedent (to be defined in the loan agreement).

Additional to the availability period we can offer repayment period up to 7-8 years. We offer floating interest rate calculated as the aggregate of 6M EURIBOR plus a margin p.a. (fixed rate of interest available for the repayment period upon request). We have many other financial possibilities too (leasing,..).